I am a tech entrepreneur and a “get stuff done” guy with 2 decades in large corporates and scrappy startups.I split my time doing the following things:

Product engineering + product management for non technical healthcare leaders

Typically for smaller firms, I get hired as a part time CTO that invariably leads me to building an engineering team. This typically forces me into a product engineering role. I participate a lot in customer development which invariably leads me to handling product management responsibilities as well. I’m a full stack techie, have architected and led product engineering of cloud infrastructure based web & mobile applications. I am not an agile or waterfall guy, rather, a “deliver on time, budget and value” guy.

I operate via these models:

  1. Work with your in-house team.
  2. Build an outsourced team for you that you can run with in the longer term.
  3. Retain the services firm I myself had founded years ago – Nisos Technologies.

Operational and strategic initiatives for healthcare leaders with 5-10 FTE providers

Having built a services firm from the ground up, I doubled revenues YoY for 4 years & maintained high profitability while growing the business… all due to regimented systems and processes I implemented. I bring this experience to various operational and strategic initiatives for healthcare practices with 5-10 FTE providers

If you want my help, feel free to get in touch with me.